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On May 21, 2015 the University of Hawaii Board of Regents voted to divest all funds held in its endowment of over $66 million from the stocks of fossil fuel companies, making it the largest university in the world to do so to date.  We offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Regents and to all those who helped make this possible.

However the University of Hawaii Foundation, a separate organization, holds another endowment totalling over $260 million (as of FY 2014).  Please help us encourage the UH Foundation to also help lead the way to a more climate-safe and sustainable world for all current and future UH students.  Add Your Voice to the proposal.

The international divestment campaign, of which the University of Hawaii community is just one part, urges universities, pension funds, religious organizations and other substantial endowments entrusted for the education and welfare of future generations, to divest from the stocks of companies with the greatest carbon reserves, and the least demonstrated conscience about committing humanity to a climate catastrophe.

Norwegian-Divest-smIn addition to endorsing our proposal for divestment of the University of Hawaii’s endowment, please endorse the proposal for divestment of the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund at DivestNorway.org, the largest fund of its kind in the world.  If Norway divests it will add huge momentum to the entire divestment movement, and they are already moving in that direction.